Education & Training

The Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council works to educate our members along with their boards and staff through programs designed for each of these roles.  The OACC wants to enhance their understanding of the cooperative system and provide them with the tools to advance their businesses.  By working together with the Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Endowed Chair at Oklahoma State University, the OACC provides training opportunities on topics including governance, management, finance and strategic planning as well as seminars on timely issues facing cooperatives. In addition, we work closely with several industry partners to bring superior training and leadership development to cooperatives. Below you will find the programs that the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council offers.

Cooperative Director Training

Oklahoma Cooperative Director Essentials (OCDE)

Oklahoma Cooperative Director Essentials is designed to equip directors with the fundamental tools and knowledge they need to be an effective director and successfully govern their company, whether they are a new director or just looking to sharpen their tools in the toolbox. Topics include: Alignment with Finance, Alignment with the CEO, Alignment in Governance and Alignment with Strategy and Member Interest. These are the four core areas directors need to have a fundamental understanding to be able to govern effectively. Alignment with Finance teaches directors how to read, understand and utilize monthly and annual financial statement to make decision for the cooperative ranging from key financial indicators to balance sheet basics. Alignment with CEO instills board versus general management roles and responsibilities, compensation best practices and performance evaluations.  In the Alignment with Governance section directors will learn about their legal responsibilities, best practices and how to properly run a meeting. Finally, Alignment with Strategy and Member Interest discusses what strategic thinking and planning are about and the important of that being board function to help communicate to the company management and our member-owners goals and direction for the future.

Oklahoma Cooperative Director Advanced (OCDA)

OCDA builds on the fundamentals taught in OCDE; however, OCDE is not a prerequisite to attend this training. OCDA is a topical program, meaning that it changes year from year based on need. The OACC does try to keep this meeting focused on building on the core fundamentals and real world issues facing cooperative directors. This course takes a deep dive into those core areas.

Keystone (Formally known as Board Chairman School)

Board Chairs are the keystone to every cooperative. Just like in an archway, without the keystone the arch can’t support itself and crumbles to the ground. Strong board chairs tend to facilitate stronger boards, in turn attracting stronger executives who attract better teams to better serve the member owners of the cooperative.  The Keystone   equips board chairs and vice chairs with the right tools to lead their respective boards. Today’s cooperative is in a time of continuous change and transition. As the next generation of ownership and management become leaders in the cooperative, it is imperative that the cooperatives have strong board chairs.

CEO & Board Retreat

Held annually in July, the CEO & Board Retreat is the premiere meeting of the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council. The three-day event is typically set at a resort-style location to provide an opportunity for attendees to bring their families and enjoy activities such as golf, fishing and sightseeing. The retreat offers an opportunity to network with cooperative leaders, as well as learn more about current agribusiness, policy and regulatory issues that impact agricultural cooperatives.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Partnership

Through the partnership with Triangle Cooperative Service Company, the OACC offers the Five Dysfunctions of a Team to cooperative boards and staff so they can learn to reach their full potential. Attendees of this training program will learn to use the 5 Dysfunctions model, the absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results, to function more effectively as a team resulting in a more effective and productive organization.

Staff Training

Grain & Fertilizer Handling Seminars

The Grain and Fertilizer Handling Seminars are two programs designed for anyone in the cooperative who touches grain or fertilizer or is responsible for handling and storing. In this time of transition, most agribusinesses are losing institutional knowledge within their core business segment. These courses are designed to reestablish that knowledge with the appropriate people within your origination.

Franklin Covey – Partnership

The Franklin Covey training programs help companies build their teams, create more effective leaders, reach goals, how to be a better salesman, and how to create trust within your companies. The OACC and TCSC are now offering seven different Franklin Covey Programs: The 4 Disciplines of Execution, The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders & Inspiring Trust, The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Customer Loyalty, Speed of Trust, and Filling Your Pipeline. The OACC staff members are each trained facilitators through Franklin Covey and are able to teach these programs regionally or on-site. Click here to learn more on each of these programs.


The OACC summer internship program introduces college students to the cooperative business model while providing valuable, hands-on experience. From May to July the interns have the opportunity to experience all facets of daily operations and management of an agricultural cooperative including processing, storing and marketing commodities, consulting on agronomy services such as crop nutrients and crop protection products, operating a feed mill, assisting with inventory, accounting and invoicing operations and, most importantly, providing excellent customer service.

This internship program offers students more than just a summer job. By gaining real-world experience in agribusiness, many of our interns start down the path to a full-time career. Whether with a local or regional agricultural cooperative or in the Farm Credit system, many interns find a home within the cooperative family.

Agribusiness Leadership Academy – Partnership

Triangle Cooperative Service Company and the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council have worked together to create the Agribusiness Leadership Academy to. This program is designed to educate the emerging leaders in your company on important aspects in the agribusiness industry. The participants will learn finance, sales, government affairs, human resources, and more, so that they can grow as future leaders.

This program is over the course of a year with four two-day sessions and one, one-day session. Each candidate must apply, provide us with a current résumé, submit an essay on why they want to attend and have their sponsoring agribusiness write a letter of recommendation. From there, each applicant will have an in-person interview with the ALA committee.

General Cooperative Training

Co-op Foundations

Co-op Foundations gives an overview on what cooperatives are, how they are governed, and their scope. This course will give the learner a front seat view of cooperatives.

Young Producers Program

The Young Producers Program is held during the OACC’s CEO & Board Retreat. This program is geared toward progressive young producers and their spouses who want to improve their own operations while supporting cooperative businesses and their local community. During the one-day program the attendees will have an opportunity to network with others throughout the state and listen to speakers from different aspects of the ag industry speak on issues they could be facing.