Education & Training

Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council The Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council offers a variety of education programs for cooperative directors and their employees to enhance their understanding of the cooperative system and provide them with the tools to advance their businesses. By working together with the Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Endowed Chair at Oklahoma State University, the OACC provides training opportunities on topics including governance, management, finance and strategic planning as well as seminars on timely issues facing cooperatives. In addition, we work closely with a number of industry partners to bring superior training and leadership development to cooperative employees.

Cooperative Director Training

The cooperative director training program is designed to equip directors with the basic tools to effectively govern their cooperatives. The two-part series explores cooperative fundamentals and best practices in governance to provide directors with a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities. After attending the interactive, hands-on training, cooperative directors should have a working knowledge of how to conduct board meetings, evaluate the CEO or general manager, and understand basic concepts of cooperative finance including balance sheet management, profit distribution and equity redemption systems.

Advanced Training

Building on the foundations learned in cooperative director training, the advanced training program is designed to enhance cooperative directors’ knowledge of the cooperative business model and provide them with the skills to help advance their cooperatives in today’s business environment. The advanced training will explore current challenges and opportunities facing cooperative directors in today’s business environment.

CEO and Board Retreat

Held annually in July, the CEO and Board Retreat is the premier meeting of the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council. The three-day event is typically set at a resort-style location to provide an opportunity for attendees to bring their families and enjoy activities such as golf, fishing and sightseeing. The retreat offers an opportunity to network with cooperative leaders, as well as learn more about current agribusiness, policy and regulatory issues that impact agricultural cooperatives.